• Announcing THATCamp Games!

    THATCamp Games, a themed humanities and technology unconference embracing games of all kinds, will take place January 20th to 22nd at the University of Maryland in College Park. If you’re interested in learning more about games and game design in the humanities, as part of research, or in relation to pedagogy and learning, this unconference is for you. No matter how much knowledge of games in the humanities you have coming in, you’ll leave with new skills and new ideas.

    Some of the things you can expect at THATCamp Games include:

    • A full-day BootCamp with workshops on humanities games and game design for all levels of experience
    • New ideas and conversations on games, pedagogy, technology and research organized by you, the participants
    • A game room for impromptu sessions and socializing
    • Lots of  great conversations and new games!

    Registration will open on September 15th, and close once the conference is full.

    THATCamp Games is being organized by Anastasia Salter and Amanda Visconti. If you’d like to lend a hand or teach a bootcamp, let us know at thatcampgames (at) gmail.com.

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