• Workshop Schedule

    On Friday, January 20th, we will offer a full day of workshops with three tracks running simultaneously from 9:00 to 5:15. Here’s a tentative schedule, with many thanks to all our volunteer instructors for making this possible!

    “N00b” Track

    Beginner-friendly workshops offering an introduction to both physical and digital game design tools and concepts, with no programming experience assumed

    • Session One: My First Board Game
    • Session Two: Wargames and Conflict Simulations
    • Session Three: Modding Civilization IV
    • Session Four: Contextual Inquiry
    • Session Five: Introduction to GameMaker

    Hack Track

    Introductions to digital game production tools that may assume some prior programming experience

    • Session One: Introduction to Unity
    • Session Two: Introduction to Inform 7
    • Session Three: Introduction to Kinect
    • Session Four: Flash Games with Flixel
    • Session Five: Building HTML5 Games

    Edu Track

    Sessions focused on games in the classroom, for all levels of experience

    • Session One: Writing and Games
    • Session Two: Teaching with Video Games
    • Session Three: Meaningful Puzzles
    • Session Four: Build your own ARG Course
    • Session Five: What’s your Game Plan?

    Scheduling of sessions subject to change based on workshop instructors’ travel plans–read more about all our workshops and instructors on our BootCamp page!

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