• Session Proposal: Quest-based Evaluation Schemes

    I’m interested in the idea that the A-F grading scheme might not always be the best one — :) — and that a game-like (gamified?) structure for student evaluation would be more effective in at least some cases.  Lee Sheldon and David Wiley have written about quest-based course structures, and I experimented with the idea two years ago, with mixed results.
    The session would include discussion of the possibilities, critiques of previous attempts, and possibly even brainstorming specific syllabi structures for future attempts.


  1. Another way to go with this proposal, and perhaps it should be a separate one, would be to talk about gamification in general as a tool for motivating students (both as a completely structured syllabus and as an individual element of a traditional evaluation scheme).

  2. OK, now that I’m looking at it more closely, I wonder if there isn’t a fair bit of overlap with the ARG Bootcamp here. I suppose we’ll have a better idea Saturday morning.

  3. Hi Brett — experience points is one of the things that we’ll be discussing in the ARG/RPG workshop Friday. Here’s a link to an (older) post describing the mechanic as it works in Operation LAPIS (our Latin game-based course): http://kevinbal.blogspot.com/2010/08/latinity-points.html

    There are some things that have been tweaked slightly but the core mechanic remains the same.

  4. Roger Travis says:

    I’ve tried a whole bunch of different things; though I’m still working towards the perfect model, I’m 100% convinced that progressive grading, with continuous feedback in terms of e.g. earning points for annotations in a Google Doc, is educational magic.

    • I’m looking forward to hearing more about it — a colleague and I used a version of Wiley’s schema for a team-taught course, and we found both benefits and issues with it. However, I’m eager to look at it some more.

  5. I have some experience with quest-based learning and modified evaluation systems via 3D GameLab, which substitutes a progress bar for traditional grades. http://youtu.be/F24QPVz1T9Y I used 3D GameLab in one class this fall and am expanding to two classes (maybe three) in the spring, and I’d be happy to share my experiences.


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