• Session Proposal: Why So Serious?

    While a conversation about the discomfort of many academics (and many outside the academy) with scholarly, intellectual or researcher approaches to games and play might turn too meta for Ian Bogost’s liking, I think there’s a profitable session to be had about the status of games as subjects and practices in the academy (and in ‘high culture’ as well, perhaps).  I don’t mean this to be a self-pity party: in fact, I think one of the biggest issues is not with how other scholars or intellectuals treat colleagues interested in games, but with the ways that many games researchers attempt to legitimate their work by taking fun or pleasure out of the picture (a problem that many people working on serious or learning games run afoul of).

    This might make an interesting combination with a session on some of the scholarly ‘canon’ in the study of games and play, such as Homo Ludens.