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    Proposal 1: Career Games Discussion & Critique
    On Friday there was a lot of talk about career games that help people navigate parts of their career.  I’ve got a prototype out for a game to help you learn how to interview well by putting yourself in the shoes of your potential boss.  I’d love to get feedback on it as well as see how I can work with other people who have similar games out there and help critique theirs.  It seems like a hot topic and one with a potentially high ROI for both players needing the skills in our terrible economic situation.
    Proposal 2: Playtest our prototype
    My current project is working to help youth activists, organizers and social entrepreneurs succeed more often through digital technology and role plays/games.  I’d love to do a session on our current thinking, our upcoming Kickstarter campaign and have people play test our team building game if we can get at least 4 other people in the session.  Please visit dgtlproductions.com for more information and read our mission statement here:

    We train and network groups of young social entrepreneurs or civic activists already taking actions to improve their community using games that teach participants about the most common pitfalls in their work.

    Proposal 3: For your pleasure: Gameful Participation
    This is more of an informational proposal than a session proposal.  If people are interested, I help run Gameful with Jane McGonigal.  We have two events this weekend that may be fun for people from #thatcamp #games to attend.  We have our volunteer meeting at Sunday at 3, and a live webinar on LARPing in the classroom.  We could all get together and join in a room and it would be a great introduction for many people at #thatcamp games.  We’re hoping to work with teachers using games to run challenges that students could work with and get information from our 15,000 positive impact games members.  See the attached document for more information.


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