• Session Proposal: Mobile and Locative Gaming

    I wanted to offer up a short proposal in the 11th hour on mobile and locative games. Building off of Rob MacDougall’s proposal for place-based games/ARGs, this session would explore some emerging games that use mobile device for location aware gaming. This could include discussions of games such as geocaching, locative social networks with gaming elements like Foursquare, or iPhone/iPad games like TurfWars. I’d also be interested in discussing pervasive games like Big Urban Game and PacManhattan. Similar to Rob’s session idea, I’d love to discuss issues of space and place, immersion, ethics of locative gaming (e.g. interactions with bystanders), and what I’ve come to call the “poverty of the screen” for locative games (i.e., the need for there to be meaningful interaction between the material space and the digital device in order to foster a rich gaming experience).


    Also, if anyone would be interested, I would love to place some THATCamp Games geocaches around campus. Perhaps we can find time during the Game Jam on Sunday.

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  1. Are you familiar with ARIS? arisgames.org I have it downloaded on my iPhone, but I must admit I’ve had a chance to try it out yet.

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