Gerol Petruzella

Gerol a philosophy/classics geek with a healthy streak of techie-speak mixed in. All of my academic cred comes in the form of the former, but I work in Academic Technology - go figure.

  • A Modest Session Proposal


    Hey fellow Campers –

    First, let me say that I’m looking forward to my first THATCamp experience!

    I’m in the process of building a quest-y RPG for an Intro to Philosophy class. My institution has just signed on to a new learning management system; I was an early adopter, and am now the local admin (a long story with which I’ll likely bore some of you in MD… 🙂 ). Anyway, I’m designing the (thus far nameless) game within the strictures of a software platform intended for a much more traditional course structure, and I’m wondering whether this scenario (course game design within LMS) is common enough to generate a whole session. For me, the process has been continually challenging: some of the challenges have simply led to frustration, but others have ultimately produced some pretty epic ‘a-ha’ moments.

    The proposal: a session on educational game design within learning management system software.
    Tentative title: Course Game Design: LMS or DIY?

    I guess I’ll kick back and see what you all think! Off to grab a snack… (apologies to J. Swift.)