James Morgan


James Morgan, teaches in the department of Art & Art History at SJSU, directs Ars Virtua, and plays games. I mostly play admin games these days with the occasional dip into Minecraft to make something.

  • Leveraging Sandbox Games


    I am curious about other peoples experience using sandbox games in class.

    I have used Second Life and am preparing to use Minecraft with classes.

    What sort of “rules” do you need, how much freedom can players have?  How do you enforce rules and what happens if the game gets off track?

    Is this about collaboration, socialization, individual expression, emergence?


  • Distraction Proposal: Minecraft Server


    community center

    I haven’t really got an agenda or a track record with minecraft but  I think it would prove to be fun and an interesting diversion.

    I would like to start a fresh Minecraft server Wed or Thurs and open it up to THATCamp Games attendees.  I only recently started administrating Minecraft Servers so I am not terribly savvy and this will likely turn into anarchy. If there is only minor interest I have a Bukkit server running that has 10 slots as well.

    I see the possibility of this being an additional place for discourse, and if there is enough interest perhaps a session would make sense and would be happy to discuss a little about my work with democratic governance, and art spaces, and resistance in games.