Jeanne Kramer-Smyth


Jeanne Kramer-Smyth

  • Session Proposal: Games vs Crowdsourcing


    Just want to put a short rough idea out there for this one: where is the line between actual games and games designed to harness the efforts of many to actually accomplish something in the cultural heritage world?

    I certainly wouldn’t say that reCaptcha is a game – but it DOES serve a greater crowdsourced purpose. How fun does something have to be to qualify as a game? Is transcribing menus a game? Is rectifying maps a game? How much ‘fun decoration’ do you need to push it from work to play while still serving the same ultimate purpose? I can imagine a detective game in which rectifying maps would further goals in the game while actually still harnessing the efforts of the players.

    Is it worth the effort to make games of these types of crowdsourcing activities?

    I would say yes. ‘Cultural Heritage Crowdsourcing Games’ (to give it a name) both increase the pool of people who will become involved while also providing a new avenue for education and exposure to humanities/cultural heritage topics.