James Smith


Jim Smith

  • Proposal: MUDding


    I’ve always had an interest in text adventures, especially multiplayer ones called MUDs (as opposed to MOOs or MUSHs). I also have an interest in narrative. I’m working up to exploring dynamic, reader-influenced narrative in a game environment by developing my own MUD. Text adventures seem well suited since they let me focus on the mechanics of the narrative and game instead of having to spend too much time on graphics and clients. Ultimately, this will all tie back into my digital humanities interest in providing environments for exploring data.

    I’d be interested in meeting up with other folk who might have a similar interest.

    I’m in the process of building a MUD based on the Dead Souls mudlib and the novel I wrote for my masters. I’d love to have people drop by during the week of THATCampGames. I’ve been creating a party room with free drinks, food, and party favors just for that week. I am looking for alpha testers, so if you think you’d like to help try out new systems and have a hand in designing them, stick around! I’m also looking for anyone interested in creating content for a MUD, especially if you are also interested in trying out new ways of constructing narrative in games but don’t want to run your own server.

    Feel free to check out the website for the MUD: http://www.second-contract.com/. I’ll post on that website as well as on twitter (@2ndContract) when I open the game to new players, which will probably be around the 17th.