Jane Haspel


Jane Haspel

  • Session Proposal: Games for Teaching Argument


    I teach freshman composition, and I’d like to propose a session in which we might begin working out how to teach argument using games and/or how to develop a game that would give students practice using rhetorical strategies.

    I initially considered this idea in terms of video games. However, Roger Travis reminded me that there are many kinds of games to consider (see his session proposal), especially given the less-than-stellar computer resources at some colleges and student populations that may not be as wired as others. His session proposal leads me to a number of questions I think would be worth exploring:

    • Would this be a game that would need to be built from scratch or are there existing games within which argument could be taught or practiced? (For example, a professor at SMU teaches corporate communications in/through Madden.)
    • Would it be feasible for students to build the game? (especially if we didn’t have to deal with too big a learning curve)
    • Would it be a quest?
    • Or a board game in which players might land on different issues?

    I’m sure the BootCamp sessions will help stimulate this discussion, and assuming that this doesn’t overlap too much with Shawn Doyle’s “Games and Writing,” I hope to have the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in those sessions to this topic, as well as brainstorm with those of you who have far more expertise and experience than I do!