Maria Sachiko Cecire


Maria Sachiko Cecire

  • Fantasy, Gaming, & Children’s Culture


    This is a little different from the proposals so far, but if there’s enough interest I’d love to have a session where we discuss the relationship between gaming, medieval-style fantasy, and childhood/children’s culture. I’m a newcomer to studying games, but my work on medievalism and children’s literature has often brought me back to this curious threesome. Some possible topics include:

    • Playing, role-playing, and gaming
    • Games as potentially and explicitly didactic
    • War, magic, and history as spaces of play
    • Infantilization of fantasy and gaming culture
    • Transmedia fantasy universes

    I have little gaming experience myself, so I’d have to rely on everyone’s expertise for discussions of specific games, especially the digital kind! Depending on the interests of the group we could work towards certain outcomes to help keep the conversation focused. A few ideas:

    • Examples of “children’s,” “adult,” and “crossover” fantasy games, with identifying characteristics (how are they categorized, and who categorizes them?) and related texts/products in other media
    • A working bibliography of relevant criticism and theory
    • The outline for an easy-to-use (and easy-to-modify) game that we could play in the classroom to help students experience and discuss key questions around gaming, medievalisms, genre, and/or children’s culture. (An RPG? Would some existing games would work well?)
    • A set of possible discussion questions to go with said game(s)