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Michael von Korff

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    (Disclaimer: I’m actually a mathematician by profession, only involved with the unconference because I’m helping out with a bootcamp. But I’ve got lots of amateur expertise and enthusiasm, so hopefully I can contribute!)

    So, I’m not precisely proposing a session so much as scanning for interest. I’m interested in “theater-style” role-playing games. Really any game focusing on drama, character development, and immersive experience, but in particular theaterstyle LARP.

    I’d be delighted to talk about these sorts of games with anyone who’s interested. It’s not clear to me, as an amateur, what would make for exciting discussion. As a writer and player of these games, I tend to contemplate the art and science of creating LARPs and the art of playing in them (see, e.g., this blog) and would love to talk about this–though I expect that there may be better topics for unconference discussion. Personally, I really enjoy the collaborative storytelling which is present in LARP as well as other media. I’m sure there should be something to talk about there. (The subject of collaborative storytelling would also seem to tie into discussion of many tabletop RPGs, a few computer games, and to games like the epistolary storytelling game mentioned in Amanda Visconti’s earlier post…)

    I’m also curious to hear about LARPs of all sorts, and of course would love to talk to anyone who’s already researched LARP, or interested folks who are new to the area.