Sharon Stoerger is an instructional design consultant in the Learning Technology Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). She received her Ph.D. in Information Science from Indiana University at Bloomington. There, her dissertation focused on pedagogical practices in virtual worlds such as Second Life (SL). While SL is not considered a game by scholars such as Steinkuehler, Kelton, Livingstone, and Kemp, it is acknowledged that these environments did stem, at least in part, from games (see Bartle). This work also examined the ludology-narratology debate. At UWM, Sharon has been expanding her research beyond SL specifically to include concepts such as learning in 3D and gamification and the ways in which these ideas may translate in mobile learning environments. She is a co-PI on a mobile grant that is investigating the gamification of a foreign languages and literature course. The goal of this project, as well as other comparable initiatives Sharon is involved in at UWM, is that the game element of the course will engage, challenge, and empower students and instructors alike.