J.R. Osborn


J.R. Osborn

  • Going Old School? reading….


    How about a session in which we re-read and discuss some works on gaming and play?  We could even spice it up by performing a glass bead game of connections, followed by open discussion.

    Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens (1938/1950) would be an obvious choice.  I’d suggest chapters 1 (Nature and significance of play as a cultural phenomenon), 6 (Playing and knowing), and 12 (The Play-element in contemporary civilization).  Salman Rushdie’s “The Language of the Pack,” in which he suggests that the grammar of cards and the grammar of literature stand at odds with one another, might also be worth a look.  The essay can be found in Rushdie’s Imaginary Homelands (1991).  Other suggestions?

    Let’s decide on some texts ahead of time, so we can read them before we arrive.  That’ll provide some common terminology to bat around and play with over the weekend.