Zach Whalen


Zach Whalen

  • Not really a session proposal


    The advantage of proposing a thatcamp session at the last minute is that I get to see what everyone else has already posted and, upon recognizing a trend, I can either follow that trend or buck it. While I’m certainly very interested in all the proposals related to pedagogy (as all of my courses this semester involve videogames in some signifcant way), the scholarly part of me is more interested, probably, in the sessions proposed around game preservation and game analytics. It even occurs to me that these ideas are related by an affinity with software tools deployed in service of humanistic inquiry, so I wonder if the output of these sessions might even be a toolkit or at least a software “best practices” for ludologists? I don’t think that idea needs to be a session proposal in itself, necessarily, but it’s perhaps one way to start looking forward with whatever goes on tomorrow.

    Anyway, I suppose I should also mention that I’d love to attend and contribute to most of the sessions already proposed here, so rather than come up with my own redundant proposal, I’ll just mention that I’ve taught a course on ARGs and I’d love to hear others’ experiences teaching similar things. I’m also teaching a seminar for first year students on the idea of a videogame canon, so broader questions such as the value of videogames for the liberal arts are near and dear in their own way.

    All told, I’m excited about all of the proposals and I look forward to getting to see or meet everyone tomorrow!