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    Macro Map

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    Notes from the map:

    Tawes: This is the building where the conference takes place (Thursday film screening, Friday Bootcamps, Saturday and Sunday sessions). To enter directly into the front hall, go around to the true front of the building (i.e. east side, where there is a small plaza with tables and fountains). You actually CANNOT enter through the imposing column-surrounded place (that looks exactly like an entrance) facing the parking lot/hotel (i.e. the west side), although if you veer slightly to the right of that entrance you can either enter through a smaller door all the way back at the far end of the loading dock (the first two loading dock doors will be locked; you want the farthest-back one). You can also just go around to the front side of the building.
    If you enter from the front (i.e. east), you’ll be in the front hall, right where the registration desk is. If you enter from the back (i.e. west), you’ll be in the basement and will need to head left (past a water cooler and up a short flight of stairs) until you see a tall staircase, then take it up to the first-floor front hall. This actually sounds more confusing than it is!

    MITH: MITH is located at B031 in the basement of the McKeldin Library. Since the library’s closed at the time of the reception (Friday 5-7pm), everyone will need to enter from the Glamorous Secret Staff-Only Entrance (aka loading dock door). To get here, you should walk almost straight east from Tawes, just veering a bit to not walk directly into Anne Arundel hall. The place you want to enter looks like a small parking/loading dock area, and the door farthest away from Tawes in this area is where you’ll enter for the reception.

    Hotel: The conference hotel is built around a small courtyard. There are restaurants (including a Starbucks) on the east side. A parking garage is just to the north. You can walk due east across the campus parking lots to get to the conference building, Tawes.

    Micro Map

    Note that these maps are not to scale and leave out the part of the building (west end) we’re not using). The basic layout of the Tawes English building:

    Click here to download a PDF containing all the Tawes maps, or click on individual thumbnails below to see the layout on a specific floor:

    Tawes Basement

    Tawes 1st Floor

    Tawes 2nd Floor

    Tawes 3rd Floor