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Google Docs

Please help us gather nomadic session docs back into one folder 🙂

The THATCamp Games Google Docs Folder


Two Happy THATCamp Organizers (One Angry Bird)
Photo set from Emily Lewis
Photo set from Seth Denbo
Photo set from Anastasia Salter
Photo set from Amanda Visconti


Short notice on “Purple Pawn” game news blog
Blog post by Sukey Waldenberger (attendee)
ProfHacker article by Anastasia Salter
MITH blog post by Amanda Visconti
MITH Monitor Notice
Blog post by Bradley Cruse (attendee)
Blog post by Timothy Burke (attendee)
Blog post by Adeline Koh (attendee)
CUNY Games Commons blog post by Maura Smale (attendee)
ARCLog post by Maura Smale (attendee)
Anastasia Salter on the THATCamp Games “Invasion” ARG
Amanda Visconti on THATCamp Games’ graphic design
Play the Past authors write-up THATCamp Games
Blog post by Carly Kocurek (attendee)


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